Tim_png_underline1After graduating from the University of St Andrews, I kicked off my career with several educational years in marketing management with blue chips American Express and Thomson Travel. Only then did I become a full-time copywriter in off- and online communications.

So what tipped me over to the dark side? It was simple. I found words a whole more more fun to work with than numbers.

My copywriting clients now range from graphic designers, web developers, marketing and PR consultancies through to ‘end users’ such as marketing departments. You can see more about my copywriting services at www.timtroutcopywriting.co.uk

Copywriting courses by client demand
I’ve started offering courses in copywriting when a client asked me to create a workshop for a 12-strong in-house team that regularly produces webpages, brochures, letters, mailers, reports, newsletters, ads and more. Since then I’ve delivered dozens of varied copywriting courses and workshops to all kinds of clients in the UK and abroad.It’s amazing to see how delegates can become more confident copywriters in the course of just one day’s session.