girl1It all happens at your office…
To keep costs down and generally make things easy, I deliver most copywriting courses ‘in-house’ at client offices. But if you’d like to hold the workshop elsewhere, then I can source a room off-site in a hotel or business centre. Just ask.

‘Mix-and-match’ to reflect your priorities and experience
I design all my copywriting courses around the topics that matter most for you and your business. Courses normally take place over a full day, but can be spread over several if that suits you better.

All workshops are customised on a mix-and-match basis at introductory, refresher or more advanced levels. And all feature lively debate and fun practicals based around your own ‘real life’ examples and supported by clear, helpful handouts.

Most clients opt to include the ‘core’ modules below plus a selection of optional modules (normally two to three in a day) targeted at priority areas.

Core modules:

  • Copywriting core skills – putting pace, flow and benefits into your writing
  • Tone of voice/brand language – matching copy personality to brand values
  • Grammar school! – but does grammar matter…?
  • Better proofreading – going beyond just typo spotting

Optional modules:

  • Writing for digital: web (inc. introduction to SEO), email, eNewsletters, social media
  • Press releases
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Direct marketing letters and mailers
  • Reports, proposals and more

If you don’t seeĀ  a specific topic here – just get in touch to explore the options