What’s an ‘in-house’ copywriting course as opposed to an open, off-the-peg one?
‘In-house’ means just that – a copywriting course for staff hosted at your company or organisation’s premises in any location.  The only requirement is that there’s a training suite or other suitable web-connected room with space for the delegates and presenter. And a TV/projector and flipchart/whiteboard. Delegates also need access to a PC, laptop or tablet for practical work either ‘solo’ or in pairs – depending on group size.

‘In-house’ makes getting staff together easy and it’s cost-effective too. But if you’d prefer an ‘away day’ for your course just ask. I’m always happy to use an appropriate room in a hotel, business centre or other venue.

• In what way are courses customised?
Because every client has specific training needs, I build my courses around the things that matter most to them. So if you’re keen to find out more about writing for the web, press releases, newsletters, brochures or other platforms, I can focus the course on two to three areas in addition to modules covering core copywriting  skills, tone of voice, grammar and proofing. We explore the detail of course content once you get in touch.

How long do copywriting courses last?
Most clients opt for an intensive full day or two – others sometimes prefer several shorter half-day sessions. I can put together workshops to suit your priorities and schedule.

Is there a minimum or maximum class size?
Since all my courses are interactive, and effective learning thrives on discussion, between 2 and 12 delegates is ideal.

However, one-to-one sessions are excellent for sharpening up specific skills. I may be able to accommodate larger groups on request.

Do you offer any ‘open’ copywriting courses that you deliver on a certain date for which anyone can simply sign up and attend?
Not currently. Although it’s not something I’d rule out, as I get quite a few requests.