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Have the conversation: relax but stay focused when copywriting for social media

This time it’s personal – as more and more organisations are finding they need to think a whole lot more about the way they ‘talk’ to their clients and customers as the social media explosion reverberates.

Tone of voice of course already matters hugely when copywriting for web pages and print. That’s because although ‘content is king’, audiences make up their minds in just seconds as to whether to engage with your brand or organisation based purely on its ‘look and feel’.

So it’s especially important now to nail a conversational tone of voice in the fast-moving world of social media. This is an arena where it’s easy to get the writing wrong if you don’t give staff at least some framework in which to express themselves as humans and be, well, social…

Now you’re talking

If good copywriting is often about talking to people through words, then good copywriting for social media needs to be extra accessible using all the techniques you might use if you were right there chatting with someone face-to-face.

You’d use contractions. Boosting the pace and flow of your words by using a subtle ‘ to replace a range of letter combinations that simply don’t need to be there in chatty, accessible writing that warmly mimics speech.

And you’d use ‘you’ – addressing your reader as a living, breathing person, not some vague, anonymous concept.

Not only that, you’d also shake up the rhythm in a way that makes things always interesting for your reader.

That’s because absolutely no-one, anywhere, wants to read dull, third person sentences of a monotonous, predictable length.


Contact Tim Trout if you’d like to find out more about developing tone of voice for the people at the communications ‘sharp end’ of your brand or business.  





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SEO: keywords just soooo yesterday

Once upon a time we copywriters knew where we all stood SEO-wise.

We included keywords and phrases in just the right percentage and position – then stood back and waited for the traffic to roar in.

This piece on neuromarketing is a useful taster of where we’re going next with SEO – if we haven’t started going there already…


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